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Title: 3.500" X 0.135" AEF TUBE MILL LINE. STOCK # 0953521
Type: Tube Mills
Brand: AEF
Model: No model specified
Year: Not listed

3.500" X 0.135" AEF TUBE MILL LINE. STOCK # 0953521

Not specified
Stock #
Not specified
-3.5" x 3.5" Square 
-3" x 5" Rectangle (tooling in Mill) 
-Line Direction:  Right to Left 
-Material Thickness:  0.135" 
 Consisting of the following:
 -Dahlstrom Coil Car:
  AC Motor Drive 
  AC Motor Jack Screw Lift 
  Floor Mounted Rails 
 -Dahlstrom Uncoiler:
  18" Wide with 4 Keepers 
  AC Gear Motor with Clutch Drive 
  Hydraulic Expanson 16" to 22" ID 
  72" Coil O.D. 
  Self Contained Hydraulic Power Unit 
  15,000 lb. Weight Capacity 
 -Free Standing Overarm Holddown:
  Loop Control Arm 
 -Dahlstrom Straightener:
  5 Roll - 2 over 3 
  Dual Entry Pinch Roll 
  Side Guides 
 -Kent Shear End Welder:
  Model:  20-250-DSAA 
  20" Strip Width 
  0.250" Strip Thickness 
  Entry and Exit Squaring Guides 
  Dual Hydraulic Strip Clamps on Bias
  Hydraulic Blanking Shear 
  Miller Square Wave 250 
 -Kent Vertical Floop Accumulator:
  Model:  BEC 3122 
  16" Maximum Strip Width 
 -AEF Forming Mill:
  Entry Side Guides 
  Pass Line Roll 
  11 Horizontal Stands 
  Bottom Drive 
  14" Roll Space 
  24" Horizontal Spacing 
  8" Vertical Adjustment last 3 Stands 
  4 Roll Weld Box 
  Scarfing Tool 
  Scarf Recoiler - AC Drive 
 -150 HP AC Main Drive Motor 
 -Thermatool VT 200 Welder:
  375KV Transformer 
 -10' Long Coolant Trough 
 -AEF Sizing Stand:
  1 Driven Stand 
  14" Roll Space 
  Pinch Roll 
  Single Side Turkshead 
  6" x 6" Max. Opening 
 -Free Standing Turkshead:
  6" x 6" Max. Opening 
 -Flying Cutoff Saw:
  Hydraulic Clamp - Dual Vise 
  AC Motor Blade Drive 
  Hydraulic Cylinder Accelerator 
 -(2) 45' Long Conveyor Runout Sections:
  40' Long Discharge Table 
  8' Deep 
  Belt Type Top 
 -(2) 40' Long Stacking Tables 
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