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Wolf Robotics Welding Cell

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IRB 4600-40 2.55 Six Axis Robot Package:

IRB 4600 6 Axis RobotIRC5 ControllerCollision DetectionPath RecoveryMultitaskingColor Touch Screen FlexPendant (10m Cable)Cable ManagementSpecifications:


2550 mmRepeatability:

0.06 mmPayload Capacity:

40 kgNo- te4:

8 F0oVr 3lePahd time, this is a gently used floor robot from WolfRobotics. Full Warranty still applies. (Color:

Orange)HeadStock/TailStock 6,000KG Servo Positioning System (QTY 2):

Single axis AC servo positionerPillow block style TailstockFull coordinated motion between robot and positioner axisSpecifications:

6,000 kg. load capacity including fixtureMax load up to 4,016 NM torqueLaser Spot Finding Package:

Fast, non-contact searchingCompact and rugged designSearch 1 dimension returning a vector offsetCombine searches for multi-dimension offsetAwliltohw Ws ofolfr Hceaalcvuyl aWtiveeld aindga pptaivcek awgeeld ing of large joints when combinedSearch for part present functionalityAdvanced Replay for WolfArcTM:

True shape replication for multi-pass weldingEliminates defects due to path interpolationLincoln Power Wave SAW Package:


Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SDMAXsa 19 ControllerMAXsa 29 Feed HeadIennveerrgtey rd-beamsaendd d esign reducesTrue Energy CapableTouch sense enabledProcess stop packageRobot Dress out packageFlux Recovery System:

W30e0l dU Enniteg ineering PFR-3000-MM-1500X Vacuum UnitFlux NozzleWithout Heated FluxBullsEye TCP Calibration System:

Automated calibration of Tool Center Point (TCP) based robot toolsincluding (but not limited to):

MIG welding torchOxy-fuel cutting torchAutomatically adjust tool position and angle to ensure path repeatabilitySupports up to five unique tools per robotIntegrated error handlingOptimized update timesIncludes calibration check pointer for quick visual referenceTouch Sense:

Tactile interfaceAbility to search with weld wire or gas cupSearch 1 dimension returning a vector offsetCombine searches for multi-dimension offsetSearch for part present functionalityOperator Panel:

Twist Release E-StopProgrammable Manual Jog (If Applicable)OK to Enter Pilot LightSafety Reset / Op ReadyProgram StartProgram StopMain Cell Interface Panel Without Power Distribution:

Hoffman enclosure – NEMA class 12Back plane assemblyMounting for Seam Tracking, Tactile searching interface, safety, etcCable covers as required.Jokab Safety PLCSafety PackageSafety PLCStack light status displayModular safety fenceLight curtains with pre-reset / op-ready push buttons - M aintenance gate with safety switch and gate-reset push buttonWolfWare™ Software Package:

Advanced calibration procedures for offline to online programmingCell move instructions with support for axes maskingTorch cleaner supporting instructions for arc-welding applicationsAutomatic pre-part and post-part execution routinesBase functions to support process specific software packagesProduction Manager:

Real time production information on each task the robot is executingTeach Pendant Graphical Interface supporting:

Customizing setup and service routinesExecution of setup and service routinesExecution of user-created part routinesManaging part routinesPart/program handling functions with both name and picturesProcess interaction through easy to understand graphic symbolsMinimum amount of operator training required


Any and all Software and License is the buyer's responsibility to Confirm
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