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Title: (S) PERFECTO Complete (Space-Saver) Coil Feed Line 6,000 Lbs. x 12" Wide x .085"
Type: Coil Feed Lines
Model: RS046012M / FS171207
Year: Not listed

(S) PERFECTO Complete (Space-Saver) Coil Feed Line 6,000 Lbs. x 12" Wide x .085"

Stock # 4903M

Year Not available

Condition Used

Location Michigan

Max Weight of Coil 6000 pounds
Max Coil Width Capacity 12 inches
Max Stock Thickness Capacity At Full Width .085 inches
Max Dia. of Coil 60 inches
Spec Sheet / Equipped With
Specifications: Coil weight capacity: 6,000 Lbs. Max coil width capacity: 12" Max stock thickness capacity: .085" @ 12" Wide Max stock thickness capacity: .093" @ 08" Wide Coil ID capacity: 16"-20" Coil OD capacity: 60" Equipped With: Perfecto Coil Reel Model No.: RS046012M Front mounted link type manual expansion Four leaf mandrel Quick release coil keeper arms Air operated coil hold down arm Thread drive for jog forward and reverse via selector switch Variable speed drive system Auto/Run cycle Perfecto Servo Feed Straightener Combination Model No.: FS171207 Entry and exit pinch rolls Air operated pinch roll adjustments Seven straightening rolls x 1.750" diameter Individual/Unison upper straightening roll adjustments Piloting upper straightening bank Upper and lower stock peeler tables Lower peeler table blade extension (air actuated) Adjustable stock width edge guides Drive and controls Auto/Run Cycle "As-Is" Warranty: Standard MDNA thirty day return privilege Terms: 40% Deposit, net prepaid