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Selling - In all CONTOURBRETON NC300 models the vertical spindle stroke is 11.8" (300mm). The distance between spindle nose and worktable is 20.5" (520mm), allowing also plunge milling operations on blocks. X axis travel 149.6" (3,800mm) and �Y� axis travel of 90.5" (2,300mm Contourbreton machines are now equipped with a new electrospindle entirely designed and manufactured in our Italian facility. Here you can see the Contourbreton NC300 K26 while is realizing a kitchen top. Self locking vacuum system Contourbreton NC 300 K has useful working travels of 3.800 mm in �X�. The useful travel in �Y� depends on the model: 2.300 mm on the NC 300K26 Siemens brushless motors Powerful spindle manufactured by Breton, with closed circuit liquid cooling, three ceramic bearings with large diameter, featuring high-performance (30 Nm with 14.500 rpm), specially designed and built for working natural stone, engineered stone and stoneware Contourbreton NC 300 also stands out thanks to its distinctive features - Spindle vertical travel of 300 mm, with a distance of 520 mm between spindle nose and work bench, to enable dish-out machining on small blocks. - The spindle is mounted on a very rigid cast iron structure to minimize flexion even under heavy milling loads or when making embossing operations. - Digitally controlled motors. - Aluminium work bench provided with grooves for the mechanical fastening of vacuum cups, so that workpieces are tightly locked in place even during heavy working stress (a smooth work bench and double-acting vacuum cups can be supplied on request). - Vacuum system with frontal, external controls, conveniently located for the operator. - �Rapid� displacements, up to 50 meters per minute. - �In line� tool magazine, installed on the two inner sides of the machine. - HSK-B80 type tool holder to ensure rigidity and precision of the tool/spindle assembly User-friendly CNC control unit A portable button panel, cable linked to the console, duplicates the main controls (axes + handwheel control, emergency stop etc.), thus enabling the operator to check the correct execution of some delicate machining operations while standing close to the piece to be machined. outstanding precision: - Linear axis positioning accuracy: ± 0.006 in/40in - Linear axis repeatability: ± 0.004 in/40in - Rotating axis positioning accuracy: ± 0.05° - Rotating axis repeatability: ± 0.025° Disclaimer: All the information needs to be verified by the manufacturer.

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