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Adding/Editing Users & Permissions on Machine Hub

Whether you need to add a new Manager, Agent or Clerical Worker to your account, you can do so quickly. This feature is only available for full IMS software users and not Listings Only or Leads Only users.

Adding a New User:
Only Managers have the capability to invite new users. Go to the dropdown under your profile and click Company Settings. 

On the right-hand side, you'll see Join a Company and Invite Users. If you already signed up for a Machine Hub account and were added to someone's company, the invite will appear in Join a Company.

To add a new user, click Invite a User. You will then receive a prompt to add the user's email and one of the following roles:

  • Manager
    • Full access to Machine Hub including inviting and managing other users' settings
    • Able to send out quotes, and add/edit inventory and contacts
    • Machine Hub charges per user designed as Managers

  • Agent
    • Access can be restricted based on user settings
    • Can't invite or manage users
    • Able to send out quotes, and add/edit inventory and contacts
    • Machine Hub charges for users designated as Agents.

  • Cleric
    • Limited access to inventory and contacts for administrative or clerical purposes
    • Able to add/edit inventory and contacts
    • No access to the dashboard or quoting
    • Perfect for warehouse personnel
    • Machine Hub does not charge for users designated as Clerical.
Then hit send. The user should receive an email shortly, and you'll be able to track the pending invite in the Invite Users section.

"I need to change the role of a user in my company. What do I do?"
Whether you need to increase or decrease a user's access to data within Machine Hub, you may do so in the Manage Users section beneath Invite Users. Simply select the new role for the user and you're all set. Only Managers have the capability to change a user's role.

You may further adjust access for Agents and Clerics in the Company Settings section on the bottom right of the page.

Have questions or running into more issues? Shoot our support team an email at support@machinehub.com or hit Contact Support in your user dropdown.