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Setting Up Billing

Having issues setting up your billing on Machine Hub? Not a problem! Follow the directions below to ensure the right person is receiving these payments and your Machine Hub subscription goes uninterrupted.

Billing Contact:
When the one who made the account is different from the one who manages the billing, this is where you'll make that change. Under your user dropdown in the top-right, click on Company Settings and scroll down to Billing Settings. There you can add the billing contact's name, email and phone number.

Billing Overview:
Now that the right billing person is added, go to Billing under your user dropdown. The first thing you'll notice is an overview of your active payment source, account type, upcoming invoice and billing period. Below those are a breakdown of your current plan's components as well as add-on options.

Adding Payment Info:
In the Billing section of your account, go to the Setup tab. This is where you'll enter your preferred payment options. You will immediately be charged upon completion, the amount of which can be seen below the billing information form. If your company has already added their payment information, the Payment Sources tab will appear instead of the Setup tab.

And you're all set! Your account is live, and you're ready to experience everything Machine Hub has to offer.

Have questions about the process or still encountering issues? Shoot us an email at support@machinehub.com and we'll help you take care of it.