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Real-time notifications anywhere on Machine Hub!

We added real-time notifications so you never miss out on any customer activity, no matter where you are in Machine Hub. Whether it's a new lead, quote delivery, or an opened quote, you'll be notified right away to help make that sale.

New Leads - Machine Hub now notifies you of new leads as soon as they request a quote on a machine. The notification comes with links directing you to the Leads page, where you can quickly view the message, assign an agent, or send a quote.

Quote Activity - Get notified whenever a quote gets delivered, opened, or clicked by a lead. Our notification system shows you who opened the quote, how many times it's been opened, and the machine listing involved.

Calendar Events - Tasks on your calendar or sidebar "To-dos" that are scheduled for the day will be sent straight to your dashboard, helping keep you on task for what needs to be done during the work day.

Notification Settings - Customize your notifications by clicking here and be notified only by events that are most important to you.

Have feedback or something you'd like to see in the Machine Hub system? We're always updating our system to improve our users' experience. If you have a question or feedback, contact us at sales@machinehub.com.