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Extra Extra: Upgraded email server, new in-system alerts, increased contact filtering power and more!

As of August 1st, Machine Hub has received several updates guaranteed to impact your business.

Email Server Upgrade - For Machine Hub users, we'll never settle for second best. That's why we've upgraded our outgoing email server in order to deliver an even more reliable service and improved analytics on every email. If it'll increase business for our users, it's worth it. To finish this upgrade, you may be contacted in order to manually verify your DNS. However, the majority of users will automatically be verified onto the new email server.

Big News - We have news now! In fact, you're reading it right now. Machine Hub company updates, system improvements and new features will all be posted here for users to access at any time. You'll also receive in-system alerts for anything we deem important. This could be anything that affects a majority of our users like major site maintenance, bug issues, current deals, company news and more.
Even MORE Contact Filtering Power - This one is simple. We've added an additional contact filter feature so that you are able to find contacts via your company's agent that they are assigned to. Nothing new, just another way to find the right contact in the blink of an eye.

Have questions, concerns, praise or something you think needs to be in Machine Hub? We're always open to feedback to improve our system and our users' experience. Contact us today at sales@machinehub.com!