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Customer Testimonial from Hariton Machinery Company, Inc.

"We were in a predicament with our contact manager and inventory control system a few months ago. Our support system was going away and we needed to find a new one quickly that also understood our needs. Machine Hub had the necessary knowledge of our industry from working with other machinery dealers like ourselves, which made talking with them easy.

The hardest part was getting our team to learn this new system, but that was no obstacle for the people at Machine Hub. They talked with us for hours and days to really get to know our needs. That helped a great deal because once we saw that they really knew what we needed, it was easy to trust them to build our website.

Having the software work seamlessly with the website is imperative and the people at Machine Hub didn’t disappoint. We looked at a few base designs and found one we liked. We then provided them with all the information and photos they needed to make us a first class website that really shows off our inventory.  

Jeff, Karen, Jeremy and the team behind them feel like an extension of our company's family. If we have something we need to discuss or need help with, they are an email or a phone call away. Of course in the beginning we were talking to them daily as it takes some time to get used to a new system but as they said, "after a few weeks you will be using the system like it is second nature." Clearly they have been through this before because they were absolutely correct. With any program or change to your usual daily routine, there are some growing pains to go through along the way. However, they were very short-lived and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Machine Hub."

Alan Hariton
Vice President
Hariton Machinery Co., Inc.

If you're interested in getting a top-of-the-line site from Machine Hub, reach out to sales@machinehub.com.