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Extra Platforms You Can Post Listings to with Machine Hub!

We get it. Machine Hub isn't the only place you're listing your machines, nor should it be. In a world where everyone's pushing to be seen, you have to make sure you're in as many high-volume marketplaces as possible. To get the most bang for your listings on Machine Hub, we make it as easy as one click to share those same used machine listings directly to other platforms.
That's right, you never have to upload the same list of inventory multiple times again. Create your used Okuma, Mori Seiki and Makino CNC listings on our comprehensive platform, and push them to any of the marketplaces for used machinery dealers listed below.
Locator Online - Locator Online is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), of whom Machine Hub happens to be the strategic partner. As a partner, we work hand-in-hand with one of the most trusted organizations in the industry to deliver better tools to used machinery dealers across these platforms.
Surplus Record - With over 86,000 listings across 2,000+ categories within the industrial world, we knew Surplus Record was an important platform for machinery dealers to be able to access.
Machine Sales - For those who deal in new and used machinery, integrating MachineSales.com into their account will be a huge timesaver. With 47,000+ visitors per month, you just can't ask for a better value deal than adding Machine Sales to your Machine Hub delivered machines.
eBay - People will truly buy anything on eBay, and that includes your used Mazaks, Doosans and any other machines you're ready to sell. It's the latest platform to be integrated into Machine Hub, but will certainly not be the last. eBay is also the only outside platform that does not require admin assistance to integrate into your account. You may do so manually in the Company Settings of your account.

Common Questions & Answers:

Q: "How do I integrate these platforms into Machine Hub?"
A: If you're already a Machine Hub user, you can request integration help from our support team while creating a new listing. Under the "List On" section, each platform will have a button allowing you to message the support team for help. Alternatively, you can reach out through email to support@machinehub.com to request integrations directly.

Q: "Do I need an account on these platforms before integrating?"
A: Yes. Before requesting integration assistance, we recommend creating an account on the platforms in question.

Have feedback, a question or something you'd like to see added to the Machine Hub system? We're always updating our system to improve our users' experience. You can always contact us at sales@machinehub.com.

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