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Riello Sistemi Trunnion Transfer Machine

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The Traditional Trunnion Transfer Machine stands out for its compact and rigid structure together with high ease of use and great accessibility to the tools made possible by two wide windows positioned on the front and rear side of the machine. The extremely rigid and compact design constitutes the dominant feature for greater ease of use and maintenance.

TRUNNION MACHINES are supplied with 4 5 6 or 8 stations and each station excluding the loading/ unloading one can be equipped with 3 or more independent unit heads.

 Major features are:

•compact and extremely rigid construction;

•simple and easy to set up and service;

•optimum access to the tooling area through two wide windows located one at the loading/unloading station and the other on the opposite side. The working area hermetically enclosed allows the use of a large quantity of coolant which is necessary to assure a continuous chip flow and a uniform machine temperature. The use of ample coolant besides optimizing the tool life allows high spindle speed required by modern cutting technology.


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