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SNK BFR-3500 Ram Type CNC Traveling Column Horizontal Boring Mill

BFR-3500 Ram Type
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Quill Diameter 13"
Ram Cross Section 21.65" x 29.52"
Vertical Headstock Travel, Y-Axis 137.78"
Column Travel, X-Axis 314.96"
Quill Travel, Z-2 Axis 23.62"
Ram Travel 43.3"
Spindle Speeds, Variable 60 to 6,000 RPM
Spindle Taper NT 50
Spindle Motor 80 HP/ 100 HP

Table Size 98.42" x 98.42"
Table Weight Capacity 66,000 LBS
Table Rotation B-Axis 0.001 Degree

Equipped With:

Fanuc 31i-B CNC Control
60 Station ATC
90 Degree Angle Head
(2) 94.5" x 125.98" T-Slotted Floor Plates
Scale Feedback
Way Covers
Coolant System
Chip Conveyor
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