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Flow Mach 4 4020b CNC 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System

Mach 4 4020B
Stock #
Flow Mach 4 4020b CNC 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System
New: 2011
Table Width:                     6.6’
Table Length:                    13.1’
Pump Motor:                    50 HP
Pump Pressure:               60,000 PSI
Equipped With:
Spare 60k Intensifier
(2) Skids of 2200 lbs of 80 grit garnet
(4) extra HP Cylinders
5-Axis Flow Cutting Head
Aluminum Stand for Rebuilding Intensifiers
Blast Discs
Bleed Down Seal Installation Tool
Blue Lube (Food Grade Lube)
Intensifier Rebuilding Tools (Girth Wrench/Spanner Wrench/HP Seal)
Many Spare HP Lines
New B-Axis Motor for XD 5-Axis Head
New B-Axis Servo Drive for XD 5-Axis Head
New Bags for Garnet Removal System
New C-Axis Motor for XD 5-Axis Head
New Slats for Table Bed
Nozzle Nut/HP Fittings/Bleed Down Valve
Shields for Overspray
Spare Abrasive Garnet Line to Cutting Head
Spray Shields for Cutting Head
Steps to Get Onto Table
Garnet Removal System
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