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Timken Steel

2-Day Auction: Complete Machining & Deep Hole Drilling Operation from Timken Steel

Contact Info
mreynolds@hilcoglobal.com kplanet@hilcoglobal.com
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Hilco Industrial
Starts At
Jul 15, 2020 10:00 am CST
Ends At
Jul 22, 2020 10:00 am CST
14730 Yarberry St
Houston, TX. US
Laser Bar Scanning System, Trepanning Lathes, Hollow Spindle Lathes, Long Bar Hones, Straightening Presses, Saws, Bridge Cranes and More

Laser Bar Scanning System (New 2013)

3” to 16” Diameter x 35’ Max Length
Trepanning Lathes (Custom Designed)

4” to 16” OD, Center Drive, Counter-Rotational, Single-End, up to 5.25” Diameter x 50’L Drill Capacity (H58)
4” to 12” OD, Center Drive, Double-End, up to 4.25” Diameter x 31’L Drill Capacity (T17 & T20)
3” to 12” OD, Center Drive, Double-End, up to 4” Diameter x 32’L Drill Capacity (H69)
4” to 12” OD, Center Drive, Counter-Rotational, Single-End (H67)
3” to 11” OD, End Drive, Counter-Rotational, up to 3.5” Diameter x 35’L Drill Capacity (H56)
Honing Machines

Barnes Drill Long Bar Horizontal, 13” ID, 16” OD, 32’ Stroke (H51)
Sunnen G-210, Long Bar, 12" OD, 30' Stroke (H54)

Lehmann 36” x 30’ Hollow Spindle, 17” Spindle Hole (L29)
Vantage 36” x79” Hollow Spindle, 9.25” Spindle Hole (L27)
LeBlond 32" x 25' Hollow Spindle (L31)
Straightening Presses (Hydraulic)

1000-Ton Farquhar, 2-Post, 48" Between Posts, 42" x 20' Bed (S70)
600-Ton Farquhar, 2-Post (S69)
600-Ton Straight Side, 33-1/2" Between Housings, 30" x 30" Ram (S71)
Horizontal Band Saw

Velox VX-460-DC, 19” x 18” (New 2014) (S61)