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Happening Now

Sale of Late Model Giardina & Biesse Woodworking Equipment

Equipment offered as a Complete Line, Packages or Individual Pieces. Giardina Panel Priming Equipment, Biesse Cutting & Handling Equipment.

Contact Info
Justin Bennett Tel: (704) 400-7058 E-mail: jbennett@theequipmenthub.com
Available strictly by appointment only.
Starts At
Mar 04, 2024 10:00 am EDT
Ends At
Apr 25, 2024 3:00 pm EDT
Rock Hill, SC. US
Featured Lots:
2020 Biesse Panel Cutting & Handling System
2020 Giardina Group Panel Priming System
2020 Biesse Rover B FT 1536 CNC Router w/ Loading System
2020 Biesse NEXTSTEP X1 4.4 CNC Flexible Cutting Centre
2020 Giardina Group Vertical Oven
2020 Biesse Winner W1 Suction Gantry Feeder
Kuka KR180R3500K ULTRA Pedestal Mounted Robot
and more...

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