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Complete Steel Wall Panel /Stud/Track / Metal Floor Manufacturing Plant For Sale with Modern Equipment

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Starts At
Dec 11, 2023 7:00 am EDT
Ends At
Jun 01, 2024 7:00 am EDT
No City, MN. US
Complete Plant for Sale "Turn Key" Featuring the Following Features:

33,000 Sqf Building (New Construction)
All Plant Ancillary Supporting Equipment
25+ Work Force
Modern Offices

Complete Plant Featuring the Following Equipment

Fabricating Area with 3 Main Rollforming Lines:

- Fully Automated Quick Change Multi Profile Roll Forming Line with Punching System (Year 2021)
Range of web size : 3” to 6” (75-160mm).
Profile flange: 1 1/4 ” / 1 5/8” / 2”
Profile thickness: 22 gauge to 16 gauge (Max yield: 80ksi at 1.6 mm (16ga) material thickness)
Speed: 12-25m/min
Shaft Diameter: 65mm
* The Machine Changes Sizes Automatically via Servo Motors. It is able to change product size within 1 minute.

- 20 Stand Heavy Duty C and U Purlin Profile Roll Forming Line With Automatic Thickness Adjustment and Punching Station (2021)
Thickness: 0.9-3.0mm
Shaft Diameter: 90mm
Roll forming speed: max 20m/min
Web Width Range: from 254mm to 460mm ( C/U Profiles)
Flange Range: 30mm to 90mm (C/U Profiles)
Stiffening Lip Range: 10 to 28.6mm (C profile)
Small lip: 12.7mm

-18 Stand Corrugated Roof Panel Roll Forming Line with Automatic Stacker (2021)
Thickness: 0.38-0.9mm
Shaft Diameter: 80mm
Coil Width: 1220mm
Forming speed: 10-20m/min
36" Final Product Width

Wall and Floor Assembly Area:

-3 Ton x 24ft Span, Two Bridge Overhead Crane ( 150ft Travel)
-TRIAD VersaSteel Framing Table with Screw Dollies
-TRIAD Generation 3 Squaring/Sheathing Table with Screw Bridge
-TRIAD Router Bridge with Milwaukee router
-70ft of 5-shelf cantilevered racking for studs
-40ft of 5-shelf cantilevered racking for tracks
-70ft of 6-shelf cantilevered racking for joists
-80ft of 3-row skate conveyor
-Floor Pod framing station/lift
-Wall Panel lifting attachment for Gantry Crane

Plant Support Miscellaneous Equipment:
• 2 Ton Electric Standing Forklift
• 3 Ton Electric Seated Forklift
• (9) 12ft Pallet Racks with 4ft x 8ft shelves
• (4) Camfil Fume Extractors
• Large Camfil Dust Collection System ( NEW Never Installed)

*The lot of Equipment can be sold separately

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